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FTP Access


Transfer numerous or large files to us


If you have multiple photos, that you want to print, we are more than glad to make this task easier for you. All you will need to do is Register on our website, then we will give you your own Username and Password to log into our FTP and upload your pictures in archive format (.rar .zip). We will explain you what software to use and how to upload your pictures on our FTP.


How to send us files via ftp


Please go to this site and download the ftp client program for windows. (Click on download now.)


If you are using a Mac you can find a Mac OS X version here.


Once you install the program you need to log on to our ftp site with these setting which are case sensitive.


Start the Filezilla client by double clicking the FileZilla icon on your desktop.


for host use.

for user name use. rubenguest

for password use. Guest123@

port stays empty.


Then push quick connect and you should be conected to our server.


When you look at your screen on the left side is your computer on the right side is our server.


You will need to create a folder on your computer and put everything that you want printed in the there.


Then go to ftp program and find that folder in your pc and drag it to right side (which is our server) and you should see in the bottom that the file are starting to upload.


Once you start uploading you, please send us an email or call us to let us know. Otherwise we might not be aware.


Thank you!