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One of the best online photo prints studios currently available on the internet and in Brooklyn is here to offer you unique opportunity of transferring all kinds of video and audio data to almost any format you can imagine. If it has audio or video we can convert it, there is no question about it.


If you are in the need of quality and fast service and want to do it reliably then you need to order our services now. By putting your trust into our hands, you can forget about any issues with your favorite pictures or videos being messed up by inexperienced personnel handling it, or any other ???accidents??? that might happen at other photo print studios. Here at Magic Photo Lab you can rest assured we will transfer any form of video or photo data into DVD or any other digital format you might desire with utmost care and professionalism.


Why Choose Our Video and Photo Editing Services

Magic Photo Lab is aware that your VHS tapes and VCRs are quickly becoming obsolete and you might want to replicate them on a more trustworthy media such as flash memory to preserve your precious moments. VHS tapes are becoming damaged over time, even if you don???t play or touch the inside tape. They will deter over time and might cause all of your most loving memories to be lost forever if you don???t act now.


Great thing about our service is that we can try to restore you VHS tapes and any other kind of older media and save the data stored on them. By doing so, we can then replicated that data on a longer lasting media and hand it over back to you, so you can keep it for many, many years to come, without the need to worry about it being damaged or lost. Simply by duplicating on more than one media you are making sure all of the precious data is stored safely and will never be lost again.


We offer services of transferring all versions of video, audio, and other file formats to digital media such as DVDs and CDs. We can easily transfer these media formats for you: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, MINI-DV, HI-8, 8 MM tapes, DIGITAL 8 audio, BETAMAX, BETACAM SP, BETACAM video, BETACAM SX, BETACAM IMX, HDV, HDCAM, DV-CAM data, DVCPRO data, DVCPRO-50, HD DVCPRO, DAT audio tapes, M-2, one-inch videotape, 3/4 inch video, U-matic, D-2, MICROMV, all kinds of vinyl recordings to CD, DIGITAL-S, micro-cassetes, audio cassettes. In addition, we can also convert your home movies (8mm, 16mm, super 8 MINI DVS and virtually any other format) to DVD and CD formats.


With Magic Photo Lab you can actually talk with a person and be assured of a quick turn around with professional quality which is done right on our premises!


Our lab will provide you with highly experienced team that will make all of your video transfers and duplicating jobs seem like a pure breeze. In addition, we are easily available by phone, e-mail or by visiting us at our local address. All of the contact data can be found at our Contact page, as well as our working hours.


Do not put your memories in other people???s hands, we will treat all of your precious moments as if they were our own.



We offer you hightest quality video services. Transfer your video recordings into DVD or CD


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